Acne Vulgaris

Hair follicle blockage results in Comedones. Non-inflamed comedones [Blackheads, Whiteheads] and Inflamed comedones [Pustules, Cystic, Papules and Nodules].

High Alert: ‘Fungal acne’ also known as Malassezia Folliculitis, can look like acne on the face, but standard acne treatment will not work. The presence of Comedones can differentiate Acne vulgaris from Fungal Folliculitis.

Clinical Pathway

  • Mild: Mostly non-inflamed comedones with few inflamed comedones, No nodules

*Single topical agent or Combo [Epiduo, Benzamycin, BenzaClin, Tretinoin, Dapsone].

*Topical type: Gel [oily skin], Cream/lotion [large area], foams [hair present].

  • Moderate-Severe: Many inflamed comedones, including presence of Nodules and scarring

*Topical plus oral therapy [Oral Minocycline, Doxycycline, Isotretinoin].

Procedural therapy: Laser therapy, chemical peels, comedones extraction.

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