How much does an X-Ray Cost?

What information can you get from an x-ray?

An x-ray can diagnose pneumonia, fluid around the lung, bone fractures, small bowel obstruction, dental cavity, foreign objects, and many more

The cost of an x-ray will vary depending on the location, self-pay, and type of medical insurance. Other factors that might influence cost are the location needing the x-ray and the number of views required. 

How to Lower Costs

 Locations: Outpatient imaging centers are generally more affordable, especially for self-pay. Urgent care settings are also less expensive compared to emergency rooms and Hospitals.

Know the indication: Ask your provider the purpose of the x-ray and if the result will change management.

Compare Prices: In some non-urgent situations, you can call different imaging centers in your location and get their prices.

Save on other aspects of health care: By using, you save on the cost of consulting with a healthcare professional. 

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