This privacy policy governs your access or use, of content, products, and services made available by Clindle. Your use of our Services, including any dispute concerning privacy, is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use

Information collected


You can use our service as a Guest by providing basic information needed to render medical or mental health service:

  • Name, date of birth, and demographic information (e.g., age, gender, etc.)
  • Phone number, email, Medical conditions, Medications, Allergies, Zip code, and local pharmacy
  • Insurance information when applicable
  • We use Stripe or Square to receive payment for the booking, Clindle does not store your credit card information.
  • Your email is used to create an account for you the first time you use our service. You can still use the service as a guest but using your login on a subsequent visit can save you time.

You agree that Clindle may contact you by email, telephone, or text message as part of providing you a service or for marketing purposes such as new services and products.

Clindle could send you a direct SMS message through a mobile device, and such a message constitutes your prior express written consent to receive, review, and respond to the messages you request to that SMS device.

Clindle will not share your information with any marketing partners, third parties, data partners, or pharmaceutical companies. We encrypt our platform for security and we do not save your payment details in our database. We use a third party (Stripe and Square) to process payments, which means we can accept most Payment cards.

We may make changes to our privacy policy from time to time. When we do so, we will post the revised privacy policy on our website.


Telehealth involves the use of Technology or electronic communications such as audio calls, video calls, or messaging to enable healthcare provider(s) and patient (‘patient’, ‘you’, or ‘your’) at different locations to share health information for rendering medical or mental health care.

The Telehealth service rendered by Clindle provider(s) may include prescription refill, consultation, therapy, diagnosis, treatment recommendation, lab and imaging referral, prescription, and/or in-person referrals when clinically appropriate.

We do not store your payment information. We encrypt all patient-related data to ensure optimal protection and confidentiality for our patients and to fully comply with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”).

Service Benefits

  • Convenient access to appointment scheduling and follow-up appointment seven days a week
  • Same Affordable care evaluation and management for those with or without insurance
  • Chat-Based Care that is convenient and affordable
  • Integrative care approach with Massage, Spa, Meditation, Vitamin therapy, weight loss, sleep apnea, and many more

Service Limitations

  • Inability to have direct, physical contact with the patient.
  • No for medical emergencies. Call 9-1-1 and/or go to the nearest emergency room for ALL medical emergencies
  • Provider(s) might require a patient to see an in-person local provider or primary care doctor or specialist(s)

Patient Acknowledgments

  • I acknowledge that I provide all pertinent medical history related to the visit and made a payment.
  • I understand that I will not use Telehealth service if I am experiencing a medical or mental emergency
  • My medical reports resulting from my telehealth visit(s) are part of my confidential medical record.
  • When applicable, I consent to using and disclosing my health information for the purpose of billing, reimbursement, and/or care coordination.
  • My telehealth visits and records will NOT be disseminated to third parties for research or researchers without my affirmative consent.
  • I have the right to request a copy of my medical records
  • In rare events, a lack of access to complete medical records may result in adverse drug interactions or allergic reactions or other judgment errors, or valid court order.
  • There is no guarantee that I will receive a prescription after a visit when it is considered inappropriate. If my Provider issues a prescription, I have the right to select the pharmacy of my choice.
  • I will not receive a refund for a missed appointment or no-show, not receiving a prescription, or disagreement with the treatment plan or outcome.

By using Clindle services, you acknowledge that you understand and agree with the “Informed Consent”

Last modified: February 5, 2023